ANSWatch-Mini measures blood pressures, heart rate, heart rate variability (related to the autonomic nervous system), and irregular heartbeats. It works with most smart phones and tablets (iOS and Android; 2016 or newer models).

ANSWatch-Mini Wrist Monitor

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  • ANSWatch wrist monitor series  (Full-size and Mini) are approved and certified for CE, US FDA, Taiwan FDA, ISO 13485, and EN60601. It is a medical device with high accuracy, resolution, and consistency. ANSWatch-Mini works with most newer models of smart phones and tablets (iOS 11.0 and newer; Android 6.0 and newer; phones and tablets purchased in 2016 or later). ANSWatch monitor series has been used in more than 200 hospitals/clinics globally.  ANSWatch-Mini test reports have been very useful for communication between patients and physicians. 

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